Sunday, September 27, 2009

:: Event Zaman Bile Ntah ::


dengan ini diumumkan bahawa..
result IeltS hku yg delay sekian lama..



:: Xde Keje::

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

tu jee..=p

Thursday, September 17, 2009

:: Design Untuk Batch A level :: Collar Pin ::

Bukan Final Design..
Baru cadangan..
tp nak feedback secepat mungkin..
so harap satu batch bg komitmen ...plzz
aku nak raya n study gak!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

:: Nak Raya Kat Kedah ='( ::

Slalunye epy gak la raya kat KL..
yela..dlu xde pape pun kedah..
tapi kali nie..aku nak sgt raya kat rumah..
yela..kalo jadi fly..
taun depan xde dah aku merasa nak raya ctu..


aku agak rindu tmpt nie
nak pi tmpt nie~
CS S.Petani..
nak taw sbb pe?
sbb nie la tmpt tali silaturahim dijalin..haha

xpe la..
da abes foundation..tiap minggu aku pi area ni..
wait for me ye cik fatin~

Monday, September 7, 2009

:: Situasi Terbaekkk ::

Esok start exam..
hku pny statistik..

Bio= Da Abes..(baca cincai)
Phy = 0%
Chem = 50 %
Math = <40%

Tension! Tension! Tension!!

satu hari..2 paper lak tu...adeiii....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

:: Ai, Ee, El, Ti, Essss~ ::

Familiar with diz logo?
Well..this is the logo for IELTS.
An English Test, some sort like a MUET test..
only it is for international purpose..

the momentum of speaking is still on..
so i think this post will be most in English..haha

003536 is my candidate number..
to record this event in dis bloggy,
it is 9.15 am on 2nd of September 2009,
the test started~
*actually, a lil bit delay due to the some problem...zz*

i already shivering since i enter the test
thank goodness, the examiner smiles towards me..
some sort of relief~
still, the shivering is still there..
then i think, what is so scary about having a conversation in"
*trying to be relax, eventually, it failed"

so, after all the personal question about me, my family, my hobby, hometown..
the 2 minutes talk came..
"talk about a person you know that is good in cooking"
(including his/her cooking and whatsoever)
the first and only person came across my mind...

My mother.. =p

so..what should i say?
well, babbling something that sometimes, even me myself don't understand..
plus my answers which always have silence between them..
aaa...dunno what i was talking about..
well, trying to stay calm until the nightmare is over..
while being shot by a numerous number of questions..
answer, and answer, and answer..

"that's all for the speaking test"


dis mean, no more 4-6 pm IELTS class for me!
however, thanks Miss Amalina for giving some visions on how this exam is going to be..
*my hometown lecturer*