Wednesday, January 13, 2010

:: =( ::

4 some reason..
feelings bercampur-campur
aku sedih..

tp..apa2 pun yg buat aku jd mcm ni...too complicated , i think.
xpela..maybe bukan masanya lagi..

kdg2..rasa diabaikan..

xlama dah lagi...

bulan 2

if aku ada rezeki...

bulan 3

too far...

tried to survey flight cost for the trip between the countries..
hm..too expensive to pay..

at least, i want to see her on her departure day..
but i don't know,
will she notice me..
and if i talk to her..
what others will think...what will be their first impression...

sgt2 ttekan..

even i laughed more and more...
the sadness, still there...
there's still a big barrier between me and you..
your family, relatives...
what can i do...
sure, family comes first...
i always ready to be the 2nd important one..
but still..
we still need to hide the truth..
it's ok...
i will wait...
as long as you keep your promise...

that someone cry, angry recently..
i'm sorry..
i didn't mean to...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

:: 2010 Wishlist & Things~ ::

2010 is going to be a year full of mystery, and question marks...
Will I be able to get a good results? The ticket to it mine?
Am I going to fly?
How's my future going to reveal itself?
Will I survive being a medic student? or maybe Am i going to be a medic student?
Am i going to get married soon? hahaha *sewel*

too many uncertainties...

please insert the error bars in your

But, I do hope I can fly to India..
after a period of suffering and watever it is..
i need to fly!!!
but, for now...

someone's going to be far away from me for at least 4 years...
and i don't know how's my life going to be in this 4 years without the presence of her around me or at least, her SMS...


so , friends...pray for us..let us be together till the that we can kawin after she graduates!!!
haha.. =p
i'm happy for her, happy to know that she's going to be an Australian student..
Congrats dear!
hope she can take care of herself well there..

my wishlist...

:: Good Result ::
Yes, our future judgement day...
i need to fly so at least i wan 3A!! plzzzz..huhu amin~

:: Whole batch to fly together ::
Jpa, please do cut-off the the cut-off point to the lowest points possible..hahaha

:: Handphone ::
Zzz..dis backup phone is going to 'die' soon after it started to act weirdly..
so, need a replacement A.S.A.P..

:: Futsal shoes ::
Really need one, i need to stop playing with bare foot... =)

:: New laptop ::
I wish i can buy one..need to do something to earn money for this one..
This old laptop is full of problems...

:: Save some money ::
For future planning..hehehe

:: No BTN ::

*** Happy New Year!! ***